Read Me, by Julie Hill



Read Me is an art-writing intervention by Julie Hill that collects information from around the internet related to conspiracies about the city of London and its hidden power structures past and present. It will reweave this information into a new narrative, the ultimate conspiracy. This information will be compiled on a number of USB sticks: they will contain a plain text file with the text and a number of related files (images/pdfs/html files) that will act as ‘fictitious’ evidence. They will be anonymously left on benches, trains or mysteriously given to passers-by around the vicinity of the Barbican and the City of London – mimicking the way classified information is thought to be exchanged and leaked.

Abstracting information and presenting it in this way is intended to place the viewer/reader in a state of ‘not knowing’ – leading them to more honestly question the reality in which they believe they live and their willingness to trust information. Or perhaps, it could breed a conspiracy all of its own.

The amount of information we produce and consume has risen exponentially with the growth of the internet, 24-hour TV and mobile phones. As our lives become increasingly information-saturated – this textual intervention/art-writing will pose questions about the verification of information and our ability to make sense of it.

Here’s a first release of locations where you can find the USB sticks. Do you recognise these places?

USB Sticks_0206 All Hallow's Church Yard_02 07. Six Financial Information Group, Appold Street_01 12. Christ Church_Spitalfields 14. Royal Exchange_01 16. Worship Street_01




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