17TH AUGUST 2015

Idea Store Whitechapel (Room: Lab 1a)
321 Whitechapel Road
E1 1BU

Speaking of I.M.E.L.D.A., the London-based direct-action feminist performance group, that challenges anti-choice laws in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, will take you for a wander through elements of the history of Irish women in the East End of London. Fleeing starvation and homelessness of 1845-9 Famine, they joined the lowest ranks of the economic ladder as domestics, hawkers or prostitutes. Highlights of the trials of these women, of their struggles and the contributions they to the rich history of the East End include:
– Leading the Bryant and May Match Girls Strike of 1888.
– Being the last and most mutilated of Jack the Ripper’s victims, some say because of her ethnicity and religion.
– Playing a significant role in the anti-fascist defence of Jewish areas in the Battle of Cable Street in 1936 against Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists.
– There was a radical Irish Women’s Centre in Stoke Newington from the mid 1980s till 2013.
– Since the 1980s, Liverpool Station has been one of the key points of entry to the city for at least 5,000 Irish women arriving each year from Stansted Airport for termination of their pregnancy denied them on their own turf.

A two-hour workshop led by Ann Rossiter and Marian Larragy will playfully involve the participants in following the path of these brave Irish women from XIX century until today.

18TH AUGUST 2015

The Russet
17 Amhurst Terrace
E8 2BT

Free workshop

Taking inspiration from the materials and themes of Richard DeDomenici’s intervention for the From East to the BARBICAN programme, this workshop invites Hackney residents of all ages to come together to build cardboard houses and tracing paper lanterns inspired by ideas of home, and tissue paper flowers to be incorporated into floral tributes to be displayed with Richard’s work at the Barbican.

Richard’s work The Death of Social Housing invites the public to come together to reflect on the issues and changes brought about by the lack of affordable housing in London and what this means for current residents and future generations, with this performative intervention in both public spaces across London and at the Barbican Centre also instigating discussions about who has access to and ownership of different types of public spaces and arts experiences. Taking inspiration from this, and from the workshop’s location of The Russet – a cafe and creative community space neighbouring Hackney Downs Studios and Evelyn Court housing estate – this free, family friendly workshop extends the opportunity for children, young people and adults to collaboratively explore ideas of private and communal spaces, opening up a space to create playful responses and meaningful connections. In creating personalised responses to a standardised paper design, participants are encouraged to think about the people and layers of history in these places, placing focus on the idea of not just houses but homes and the relationships between people and spaces.

Workshop led by Esther Carolin and Catherine Hall


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