Tenants is a performative collaboration between artists Yuri Pirondi, Ines von Bonhorst, Alexandra Baybutt, and Bitch “n” Monk.

Yuri Pirondi is a filmmaker and visual artist who lives and works between London and Bologna. His work has been shown in several galleries including Gulag State Musem (Moscow), Mother Studios (Hackney Wick), Biagiotti Gallery (Florence) and Espacio Islandia (Madrid), the Barbican Centre, Sadler’s Wells Theatre and the Victoria & Albert Museum (London). His work reflects on the relationship between visual art and the cinematic experience. His lens-based works explore notions of identity, form, and boundaries in society, treading the boundaries between what is perceived as ‘fake’ or ‘real’. His practice follows a multi-disciplinary and transversal artistic direction, and engages in prolific collaborations with composers, writers, performers, experimental theatre and dance practitioners. In 2011 Yuri founded MAGMA, a London based cross-media art collective.

Ines von Bonhorst is a Portuguese artist currently based in London. Since reading her BA in Film & TV production at Westminster University, she has worked as director, producer and video artist for over a decade. Her work ranges from documentaries, long form and short films, experimental films and video art installations, produced in the UK, Portugal and at various locations around the world. Her films and video art explore notions of identity, form, the human limit within a physical and mental realm, and its relationship with society while blurring the boundaries between the conventions of performance art, theatre, circus and live intervention. Many of her works create an awareness of the spatial relationship between participants, a connection between the real and the fictitious, and re-enact feelings such as anxiety, fear, love and claustrophobia. Often collaborative in nature, her practice seeks partnerships with artists in other disciplines such as composers, performers and visual artists. Her work has been shown in several galleries including Expressive Art Institute, San Diego, California, USA, Mother Studios (Hackney Wick), Biagiotti Gallery (Florence) and Espacio Islandia (Madrid), the Barbican Centre, Sadler’s Wells Theatre and the Victoria & Albert Museum (London).

Alexandra Baybutt is a dance and movement artist who integrates research, movement and performance in her practice. Her work questions modes of interaction – the encounter with live performance, text and sculpture – in collaborative projects, to create contexts for audiences and performers to explore their sense of physicality, movement and expectations of place and scale. Her work has been supported, amongst others, by Greenwich Dance, Theatre Delicatessen, Bellyflop, The Lisa Ullman Travelling Scholarship Fund and the British Council.

Bitch ‘n’ Monk first met in a tent in 2011 and began collaborating musically within a few hours. Improvisers and non-conformists by nature they shared a love for jazz and differed dangerously on politics. Epic night bus debates and public arguments in Paris were resolved or explored through playing, improvising and composing together and the result is music both spiritual and raw. Angular melodies and seemingly irrational harmony may come from nights listening to Prokofiev and Wayne Shorter, or just from a shared fetish for the tritone.  Inexplicable groove on the strangest of bar lengths might reflect their affinity with West African rhythms, or just a belief that anything – however bizarre – can be spectacular if played with commitment and energy.


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