Led by artist Teow Yue Han, Inter/face is a series of performances exploring the opportunities and limitations that technology imposes on the body. With the notion of “liveness” and the physical experience of performance challenged by live broadcast, Inter/face seeks to create different spaces and temporalities that channels the body between physical and virtual space. This involves the choreography of screens, dancers, video streaming technologies, and audiences — transforming the Barbican into a playful site of transmission.

In the second phase of Inter/face, Yue Han continues his collaboration with Singapore dance company RAW Moves and dancers from London Contemporary Dance School. Inspired by gestures used to navigate our mobile devices, Phase 1 explored the translation of these gestures into a performative vocabulary interpreted by individual dancers, with the resultant choreography performed and recorded with mobile devices. These videos act as parent videos in Phase 2, where dancers in both countries respond intuitively to the videos to generate a rhizome of new movements derived from the original, imitating currents of online manipulation and dispersion of content. Phase 2 turns the Barbican into a movement factory, in which audiences are encouraged to generate movement responses that will in turn feed as motivation for the live performance.